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Why Measure Your Beam?

Why does measuring your laser beam help you maintain quality processes? In this video, we explain the purpose of measuring your beam with three case studies the illustrate success.

Focal Shift

Is your laser's focus spot where you think it is? This video shows the focal shift of a 100Kw laser during the first four seconds of startup using BeamWatch, Ophir's non-contact high power beam analyzer.

Ophir Premium Energy Sensors – Even for UV

Meet Ophir’s high performance energy sensors for pulsed UV lasers (and not only for UV…). These sensors are the perfect solution for pulsed lasers at 193nm and 248nm. They offer -

  • Absolute calibration, even in the UV
  • And…High damage threshold, even in the UV
BeamGage Ultracal Demonstration

This video is a demonstration of how BeamGage with UltraCal eliminates noise from the measurement of a laser beam, improving the accuracy of measurement.

Ophir 1 micron Optics: Guaranteed Premium Quality. Strict QA Inspections.

Providing you with premium quality products comes with a massive responsibility. That’s why we perform strict post-production quality tests. From inspection, throughout assembly and packing, the optics are handled in a class 1,000 clean room.

Ophir-Spiricon Product Tour

This video offers quick introductions to Ophir-Spiricon laser beam profiling products for additive manufacturing, high-power lasers using CCD cameras or non-contact measurement devices, BeamGage camera based profiling, no attenuation slit-based profilers and the Pyrocam camera measuring 13nm to 3000 microns.

BeamTrack Sensor Measures Power, Energy, Size and Position

Ophir's BeamTrack Sensor Series combines power and energy measurement, beam position, and beam size in a single compact device.

Camera Based Laser Beam Profiling With BeamGage

Camera based laser beam profiling allows real time viewing and measuring of a beams spatial uniformity. This video explains why BeamGage is the worlds most advanced beam profiling platform and how to select the correct camera to measure your beam.

BeamWatch AM Additive Manufacturing

BeamWatch AM is an integrated laser measurement system designed to measure critical laser beam parameters for laser-based additive manufacturing systems.

Pyrocam Measures IR and UV Lasers

This video explains why the Spiricon Pyrocam pyroelectric camera is the overwhelming camera of choice for laser beam diagnostics of IR and UV lasers and high temperature thermal imaging for scientific research to industrial high power lasers to safety and defense applications.