Webinar: Meet Ariel, laser power measurement solution in space constrained, humid & dusty places

Learn what our all-in-one high laser power sensor can do for you, and get an overview of how to interface with it and use it If you need to measure industrial high-power laser beams, in tight or inaccessible spaces (Additive Manufacturing chambers might be a good example) - you will want to learn more about Ophir's Ariel!

  • Compact, robust stand-alone device – fits in smallest spaces even in harsh industrial environments
  • Fast measurement time of only 3 s – saves valuable time in sensitive processes
  • No need for power cable or cooling – measurements can be taken even in enclosed chambers
  • Measures power from short exposure (“Power from Pulse” mode) to up to 8 kW – easy measurement in high power laser processes
  • Continuous power measurement up to 500 W for 20s – offers maximum flexibility in usage
  • Withstands high power densities – measures even small beams with high power
  • Offers different wavelength ranges – suits many applications