Power Meters FAQ's




There is no time limit with the StarLab logging time – you can set ‘Unlimited’ logging in the log settings. (Note that, although StarLab does not impose any limits, there may be PC issues such as available disk space that could impose some upper limit.)


Unfortunately the interface described above is not sufficient to establish the correct communication protocol for the computer USB to interface to the Nova II or Vega meter. The original USB cable (one is provided with each Nova II and Vega meter) is required for the StarLab software to communicate OK. The USB cable is P/N 7E01205 and is available to order.


StarLab 3.30 does include new features which may require a firmware upgrade of the meter or PC interface, I.E. Juno, in order to operate with it. The required firmware is included with StarLab 3.30, but you do need to click on the More… link in the Select Device(s) menu in order to launch the Diagnostics menu and then proceed with the Upgrade firmware procedure. After performing the firmware upgrade, the meter or PC interface will connect with StarLab and operate normally. Note; Upgrading the firmware will not affect calibration.