How Continuous Improvement in Customer Service Affects You

Kristen Winterton, Calibration Technician

An integral part of the Ophir-Spiricon culture is an engendering of the practice of continuous improvement. We do this with one focus in mind: Customer Satisfaction. The question driving all of these improvements is, “What can we do to provide better service to our customers?” One element of this is captured in the development of a system to recognize the improvements made in the Calibration Department.

These improvements come from every person in the department, and are documented within the calibration lab. Through this, we make an effort to detail the changes made to the flow and efficiency of work completed by each member of the calibration team. This has led to several significant improvements, including decreased lead times for our customers, as well as increased quality of service. Such initiatives have led to the development of updated Certificates of Calibration, cross-training within the department, and accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard.
We believe that people are our greatest resource, and that under-utilizing people can lead to missed opportunities for improvement. Through the development of this system, every one of our technicians is empowered to suggest improvements that will make the customer’s experience with Ophir-Spiricon the most positive experience possible. In addition, any suggestions by our customers are captured and the necessary steps are taken to implement whatever changes we can.
Over the course of the last couple of years, hundreds of continuous improvement suggestions have been suggested and implemented. The typical time for implementation of these improvements has been 1.5 days. As our customer, this means that any feedback you give us is promptly and efficiently handled, and that you are receive the most current solutions available.
If you have any suggestions for improvement that you would like to share, we would love to hear them! Please let us know how we can more effectively serve you. You can do this by contacting the calibration department at Ophir-Spiricon at (435) 753-3729 or by email at
We welcome all feedback you would like to share with us!