Raising the Standard of Service

Kristen Winterton, Calibration Technician

At Ophir-Spiricon we have raised the standard of service. One of the pillars of our business model is customer satisfaction, and we firmly believe that the level of customer focus we provide makes us stand out in our industry.

The services provided by our Recalibration and Repair department have continually evolved to become what they are today. For your convenience, we have developed many “extras” and integrated them into a standard part of our service. Providing these extras as part of our standard processes has allowed us to streamline our flow, while simultaneously providing a premier service.
Before and After Data
One of the extras we provide is “Before and After” data on all products at no additional cost. A product that is calibrated at Ophir-Spiricon follows the same general process flow: an “As Received” verification, adjustments if necessary, and a final verification of adherence to specification. This flow eliminates the worry about needed requirements on POs and RMA requests for the “Before and After” data. Additionally, products processed through our calibration lab are accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard, which is also provided at no additional cost.
An ongoing effort, we work to minimize customer lead time by improving our standard lead times, as well as by providing expedite options so that your downtime is minimized and your efforts are maximized. We stand by our service long after the initial sale and provide support in a multitude of ways through reprinted Certificates of Calibration for up to 7 years of data, troubleshooting tips, and a team of technical service experts. Additionally, we have worked to identify and educate our customers on common causes of out-of-tolerance readings and damage of our products by providing resources such as pamphlets, online newsletters, articles in industry magazines, and other publications.
98% Customer Approval Rating
In a recent survey, we asked customers to rank our service and support professionals on a scale of 1 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent) on four sectors of their job functions: Responsiveness, Knowledge, Problem Resolution, and Customer Relations. In every sector, our service and support team averaged over 4.28 points, entrenching our team firmly in the upper division of service, earning us a 98% approval rating by our customers.
This feedback, as well as the feedback we receive on a daily basis from our customers, helps us to become better and more efficient, so that we can pass the benefits of further quality and efficiency on to you.
Please let us know how we may better serve you. If you have any feedback about your experience with recalibration and repair, or questions or comments that will assist us in providing a better service to you, feel free to contact us at calibration@us.ophiropt.com or call 1-435-753-3729.

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