How to Lock Out Controls in BeamGage

BeamGage does have the ability to lock out controls and the modification of reported results through the Options Privileges feature.

In BeamGage, click on the Options button and then the Privileges item and the following dialog box will open. In order to access this privilege control, the user must be assigned Administrator privileges on the local machine. This feature allows an administrator to Protect (lock) the controls and results such that a user cannot access certain controls or modify reported results.

The purpose of this feature is to restrict non-administrator users from accessing certain controls. For example, the user may want to setup BeamGage for a specific operator, and restrict that operator from changing the setup.

The instructions shown in this dialog box describe the basic procedure that is followed to hide features that a non-administrator will have access to.

After configuring BeamGage for its intended user/application, save a setup file and then copy that setup file into the target user’s:
C:\Users\\Documents\BeamGage\Setup\ file folder.

Be sure to set the Attributes of setup files to Read Only in order to insure that they cannot be deleted or overwritten.

This setup file, along with any other protected access setup files, will be the only setups that the restricted user will be able to load and run. The Administrator should logon as the target user and load the setup file the first time that BeamGage is launched under the users login account. After this initial setup load, the user will not be able to access or modify the concealed controls.

Note: This locking capability does not extend into every area in BeamGage. But it does cover the vast majority of operating controls. The following feature items are blocked from the user when the protect box is checked:

  • The Panels enabled or hidden in the Tools panels are locked. Panels cannot be added or removed from view.
  • The Ribbon Bars sections of the Tools panels are disabled and not accessible.
  • Exposed results items cannot be deleted and new ones cannot be added. The results dropdown controls with their associated features are not accessible. Only those items enabled by the administrator are available.

The following items cannot be blocked from the user:

  • Displayed child windows can be opened/closed and repositioned on the desktop.
  • The BeamGage application window can be resized and positioned.
  • The Save and Load data file functions are accessible.
  • The Save and Load setup file functions are accessible.
  • The Run/Pause, Ultracal, and Auto Aperture buttons in the Quick Access Toolbar are always accessible.
  • The frame buffer position slider and edit controls are always active.
  • Ribbon tab open/close behavior is preserved.