How to set BeamGage to lock out making changes to settings inadvertently

BeamGage has the ability to lock out the ability to make changes to the settings in case you inadvertently change something you shouldn't have, or if you want to lock out operators in a production environment from making changes that violate testing procedures

To do this, click on the application icon in the upper left corner of the application and then click on the Options button next to the Exit button. In the dialog box that pops up on the left side click the Privileges item. Follow the simple steps listed in the dialog box to lock the current Settings from being modified.

Note: In order to access this privilege control, the user must be assigned Administrator privileges on the local machine. This feature allows an administrator to Protect (lock) the controls and results such that a user cannot access certain controls or modify reported results.

The purpose of this feature is to restrict non-administrator users from accessing certain controls. For example, the user may want to setup BeamGage for a specific operator, and restrict that operator from changing the setup.

For more details on this, review the operator's manual.