When sending in a Power Meter for repair and/or re-calibration

Note the settings on your meter and sensor before sending the units in for calibration. To simplify the reintegration of your Ophir measurement instruments back into your system, please record your settings and parameters before sending your devices in for calibration.

During the calibration process occasionally we change the settings on an instrument back to the default. This means that when you receive the equipment back it will likely not start up as you had it. The end-user will see a change in how the meter and/or sensor are behaving. The difference could be as simple as changing the Average function, so the readings now appear less stable.

We try to note the settings and return them to the as-received state, but this isn’t always possible.

Note your settings. It might prevent a call to Customer Service and hours of frustration.

  • Wavelength
  • For measuring Power:
    • Range
    • Average – On or off. If Average is on, note the time –i.e. 3 sec, 10 sec, etc.
  • For measuring Energy:
    • Range
    • Threshold – For thermal sensors, Low, Med, High.
    • For pyroelectric sensors, note the pulse width setting. The new pyroelectric sensors have many other options, such as threshold settings for noisy environments.

While we try to leave your instrument settings as they arrive, this isn’t always the case. Taking a few minutes to note the settings before you send your equipment in for calibration will save time when you reintegrate the devices into your measurement system.