Automotive Industry – Face the Challenges Detect Issues Within Seconds, Reduce Rejects, Ensure Safty.


Laser light and the automotive industry are tied closely together. Both laser-based manufacturing and laser-based sensing play a key role in today’s mobility. If you use a laser in materials processing, the processes can only sustainably turn out high-quality products if the laser beam is of reliably high quality. Laser-based sensing applications such as LiDAR and gestures recognition can only guarantee safe usage as long as the laser beam consistently meets specs.

In the production environment, even slight deviations of the focal point or unexpected variances in laser power can have a major effect on entire processes. Measuring the laser parameters is important not only during development and/or production of the laser system: To prevent the production of bad parts, the laser beam should also be monitored continuously while employed in manufacturing processes. And should bad parts be traced back to a laser-based manufacturing machine, it is imperative to be able to pinpoint what happened with the beam at any given time.

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