Whitepaper: FluxGage – The calibration traceability chain of a photometric LED test system

Efi Rotem, Daniel Sebbag, Assaf Halevy, Simon Rankel

The new photometric system called ‘FluxGage’ measures the light properties of LED luminaires. A diffuser and a black pinhole array placed over a solar panel form a detection surface which is also a black absorber. The FluxGage, which has a cuboid shape, has this detection surface on five of its six faces, which enables capturing all the light from forward emitting luminaires. Insensitive to reflections, thanks to the black detection surfaces, the system can be at the same size as the DUT (Device Under Test), as opposed to an integrating sphere which should be at least three times larger than the DUT in order to mitigate the effect of self-absorption. The FluxGage contains three sensors: a spectrometer for spectrum and color measurements, black detection surfaces for total flux measurement, and a fast photodiode sensor for flicker measurement. All measurements are controlled using easy-to-operate software.

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