Whitepaper: FluxGage - A Photometric Test System for LED Luminaires Based on Solar Panels

Efi Rotem, Raphael Cohen, Shimon Elstein, Daniel Sebbag, Ephraim Greenfield

We present a novel photometric test system for LED luminaires. The new photometric system called „FluxGage“ uses solar panels to detect and measure light. By placing a diffuser and a black pinhole array over a solar panels we achieve a detection surface which is also an absorber. This enables the system to be the same size as the DUT (Device Under Test), as opposed to an integrating sphere which is at least 3 times larger than the DUT. Simulations and experimental results show that this system can measure total flux with an uncertainty of 4.3%. The demonstrated system is used in 2π geometry. The system measures total flux, color parameters (CCT, CRI, chromaticity, etc.) and flicker.

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