NanoScan™ Quality of Life Improvements

Dell Olsen, Customer Service Manager, Ophir

Ophir has been blessed to have customers who have been patient and helped us find and fix some difficulties with the NanoScan™ software. We are pleased to announce that due to the feedback and help of our customers, we have significantly improved the NanoScan software.

Some of the key features include:

  • All NanoScans that have been made or upgraded to the NanoScan version 2 software will now run on the same version of software. The older 26-pin versions of the NanoScan hardware used to require their own version of the software (2.1 SR1), which is no longer the case.
  • The new software will make it easy to upgrade to a newer firmware version for the USB versions of the NanoScan hardware without sending the unit to our facility to be updated.
  • We have improved some long runtime errors which have been reported when performing long term testing and monitoring of lasers, especially through automation clients.

To see more information please visit the Software Download page and view the ReadMe file.

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