Optical Power Meters for Telecom

If you’re involved in any kind of photonic measurements in Telecom applications, you already know that it can be challenging. The measurements need to account for things like –

  • Wide dynamic range – powers from pW up to several W
  • For free space beams – possibly widely diverging beams
  • For fiber transport - losses as the beam enters and emerges from a fiber

Ophir offers a range of solutions, depending of course on what parameters you need to measure.
At the links below, you’ll find photodiode-based power sensors for collimated beams, Integrating-Sphere based sensors for both diverging and collimated beams, and a variety of accessories such as Fiber Optic Adapters.
There are also Beam Analysis solutions, including scanning slit as well as camera based beam profilers, and a full range of optical accessories.
Learn more about light measurement in Telecom applications here.