The IS1.5-VIS-FPD-800 provides multiple measurement capabilities in a single integrating sphere device: a) a precision photodiode for calibrated average power measurement, b) a fast photodiode for pulse shape characterization on an oscilloscope and a built in SMA fiber adapter, and c) an SMA fiber optic adapter for easy connection to a spectrometer. The IS1.5-VIS-FPD-800 has a small internal diameter of 1.5 inch (38mm), to minimize the pulse stretching effect inherent to integrating spheres, giving it a time constant of 0.7ns. Together with its fast silicon photodiode, the IS1.5-VIS-FPD-800 provides a pulse rise time of 0.8ns and a fall time of 2.8ns.


  • Si:calib & Si:fast
  • Ø20mm
  • ±60 deg
  • SMA connector, maximum NA 0.44
  • 67 L x 52 W x 61 D (mm)
  • CE, China RoHS
  • Si photodiode, calibrated power measurement
  • 400–1100nm
  • 400nW–4W
  • Smart Head, D15
  • Fast Si photodiode, temporal pulse shape detection
  • 400–1100nm
  • 0.8 nsec
  • 2.8 nsec
  • 55 typ. µA/W
  • 18 typ. fA/√Hz
  • Analog current, BNC