Ophir Photonicsは過去40年以上にわたって世界中の医療機器メーカーから、測定ソリューションを提供するパートナーとして選ばれてきた実績を誇っています。Ophirのパワー・エネルギーメーターやビームプロファイラーは様々な分野で幅広く使用されています。

  • 研究開発・エンジニアリング環境-レーザー方式の医療システム・プロセス開発
  • 製造ラインの品質管理ステーション
  • フィールドサービスエンジニアのツール
  • 医療システム内に内臓-カスタマイズされたOEMコンポーネントとして


Medical Laser Applications: Beam Measuring & Profiling

Picture this, “you are an experienced eye surgeon. After a routine operation you are informed your patient’s eyesight may be impaired for life because your laser scalpel didn’t function properly- how would you tell your patient the bad news? Read more >

Laser Measurement in Medical Laser Service

The global medical industry incorporates thousands of lasers into its arsenal of treatment tools. Wavelengths from UV to Far-infrared are used for everything from Lasik eye surgery to cosmetic skin resurfacing. Visible wavelengths are used in dermatology and ophthalmology to target selective complementary color chromophores. Laser powers and energies are delivered through a wide range of fiber diameters, articulated arms, focusing handpieces, scanners, micromanipulators and more. Read more >

Laser Measurement in the Medical Industry

If you are a medical professional working with lasers, you quite probably come across different laser measurement challenges. You hold a huge responsibility towards your patients’ safety and health, not to mention that you need to fill the regulations of the FDA and the ANSI. Read more >

The Top Mistake Medical Device Engineers Make When Designing Laser Integration

We’ve all been there before. Struggling to reduce the cost of the BOM, we try to do everything ourselves. After all, you’re an engineer, aren’t you? You have your own staff of hardware and software engineers, mechanical engineers, physicists, and anyone else you might need. Read more >

Laser measurement for the well-being of patients

Designed to measure. Every laser. Everywhere
Laser measurement is now widely used in treatment of patients as well as in the manufacturing of medical products and instrumentation. Miniaturization, further enhancement of optical quality of different wavelengths, and new technologies with shorter laser pulses have led to a growing dissemination of laser systems

Because a laser beam provides energy in such a precisely controlled way, and without physical contact, it's not surprising that the laser has found such widespread use in medical applications. Read more >

Laser Measurement Solutions for Medical Applications: White Paper

Because a laser beam provides a vehicle for delivering energy in such a precisely controlled way, and without physical contact, it's not surprising that the laser has found so much use in medical applications. Read more >

Fighting Viruses
UV-C LED - will all the research soon pay off?

The world remains in a continuing state of uncertainty due to the new COVID-19 coronavirus. Face masks and disinfectants are selling very well. Disinfection with UV light could offer a way of disinfecting larger areas without the use of chemical disinfectants, especially in hospitals where patients are being treated. Read more >