Customized Solutions




プロセスが期待通りの動作を確実に継続するよう、カスタマイズされたレーザー計測ツールをシステムに組み込んでレーザーのパフォーマンスをモニタリングすることは、合理的なアプローチです。 このモニタリングはアプリケーションによっては規制上の要件になっている場合さえあります。


  • アナログ出力を備えたシンプル設計のセンサー
  • 内臓増幅回路やデジタル出力を備えたセンサー
  • ディスプレイ/インターフェース接続型センサー
  • 特殊な要件に合わせたカスタム設計のソリューション
  • Ethernetインターフェース(UAE)を備えたカスタマイズソリューション(OEM)センサー



How Ophir can modify to meet your OEM requirements

What happens when you have an application that requires a specific sensor with respect to technology and mechanical applications? You know that a standard Ophir sensor works, but you want to tweak the specification and mechanical size a little to fit your application. You call your Ophir representative and ask about OEM sensors. Read more >

Ophir Pyro OEM Sensors – What options are available?

The beauty of integrating an OEM sensor into your laser system is that you get to call the shots. What matters to you the most? Accuracy? Size? Output type? Tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen. Julian Marsden, the head of our electrical engineering department, wrote up a white paper to show you some of the OEM energy sensor options that are available. Read more >

OEM Ethernet Solutions

Ophir has the widest selection of OEM laser measurement solutions, with practically any permutation of sensor, interface, and feature set you could imagine. If you take a look at the 2019 catalog, you will see dozens of OEM solutions for laser power measurement. These vary by power level, sensor technology, and interface type. However, each of these is really only an archetype. Read more >

Ophir-Spiricon Laser Measurement in Medical Laser Service

The global medical industry incorporates thousands of lasers into its arsenal of treatment tools. Wavelengths from UV to Far-infrared are used for everything from Lasik eye surgery to cosmetic skin resurfacing. Visible wavelengths are used in dermatology and ophthalmology to target selective complementary color chromophores. Read more >