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Webinar: Meet Ariel, laser power measurement solution in space constrained, humid & dusty places

Learn what our all-in-one high laser power sensor can do for you, and get an overview of how to interface with it and use it If you need to measure industrial high-power laser beams, in tight or inaccessible spaces (Additive Manufacturing chambers might be a good example) - you will want to learn more about Ophir's Ariel!

Webinar: Measuring my Laser…Where do I start-Morning

Learn the basic principles, and best practices of laser measurement You have a laser you're about to start working with? You have enough experience with other technologies to know that you want to verify its performance; so you start looking for a tool to measure the laser's…well, what? In other words: Where do I start? What exactly do I need to measure, when, and how? (Not to mention, Why?) In this webinar you will learn:

High Power Laser Measurements for Tough Industrial Use: IPM-10KW Industrial Power Meter

Meet the new IPM-10KW from Ophir, a modular industrial sensor for measuring the average power of high-power lasers up to 11kW.
It has a rugged industrial design, and integrates into modern automation systems using standard industrial communication protocols.

In line production monitoring of battery welding processes Dr. Luca Porcelluzzi, area manager MKS

There are many variables inherent to laser processes. Especially when it comes to laser-based production processes for Electric Vehicles (EV) it becomes crucial to measure the key performance indicators. Learn more about state-of-the-art laser measurement devices for in-line monitoring in battery welding. In his presentation at the Laser EMobility Workshop 2022 in Bologna, Dr.

Ophir® BeamWatch® Integrated – Automated Beam Measurement for Industrial High-Power Lasers

MKS developed the Ophir BeamWatch Integrated industrial laser beam profiler to meet the needs of material processing users. Designed for use with high-power laser beams, the measurement device combines non-contact beam profiling of the BeamWatch family and an Ophir power measurement sensor with high industrial standards in automation technology.
Beam profiling and power measurement are integrated into a closed, robust housing.

Webinar: Laser measurement solutions for material micro processing applications

If you use lasers in material "micro processing" applications – such as drilling via holes in PCBs, OLED display "lift-off", cutting of smartphone cover glass – you already know how difficult the challenges are. The often delicate combination of laser parameters – ultra short pulse duration, high repetition rate, perhaps short wavelength among others – can enable new and innovative processes, but they can also cause unexpected damage to the measurement tools you are trying to use to keep the process stable. In this webinar, you will learn:

BeamPeek™, High Power Laser Beam Analysis and Power Measurement System for Additive Manufacturing

An integrated beam analysis and power measurement system for fast, accurate, real-time measurement of lasers in additive manufacturing chambers.
The BeamPeek system provides simultaneous beam profiling, focal spot analysis, and power measurement in just three (3) seconds. There is no need for water or fan cooling as the system includes a replaceable passive cooling beam dump tray that eliminates downtime between measurement sessions (Patent-Pending cooling solution).

Product overview:  WB-I

The Ophir WB-I SWIR is a Wide Beam Imager accessory designated for SWIR 900-1700nm, especially popular 1550nm wavelength.
It's a compact system for measuring the size and power distribution of large and divergent beams of VCSELs, LEDs and large lasers.
Enables analyzing beams that are too large or divergent for a standard beam profiler

On demand webinar:  Understanding Laser Energy Measurement How laser energy measurement works.

If you need to measure laser pulse energies, you have probably run into a variety of issues and concepts that seem to just cause confusion…
In this webinar, you will learn:
• How energy measurement works (short basic version…)
• How to make sure you are getting accurate readings
• How to avoid out-of-tolerance issues with your measuring tools
And much more...

How to Use the StarViewer Android App to Operate the Ariel

In this short video, you'll learn how to use the "StarViewer" Android App to operate the Ariel, Ophir’s new ultra-compact self-contained industrial power meter.