• SWIR (900-1700nm) Wellenlängen
  • Abschwächung über variable Blendensteuerung möglich (Keine ND-Filter erforderlich)
  • Arbeitet zusammen mit der Ophir InGaAs SP1203 Kamera (separat zu kaufen)


  • 900 1700nm
  • 10mm-45mm
  • Ø45mm
  • < 70
  • 50W unlimited
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  • Wide Beam Imager SWIR


    Accessory for Beam profiling of diverging and large beams

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My laser power is too High, causing saturation of the sensor. What can I do to measure it?

The WB-I SWIR is designated to operate without any ND filters on InGaAs camera. The attenuation is performed via Iris control wheel, which attenuates by up to 100 (ND2) . Addition of any filters will disrupt magnification.
In case additional attenuation is required, LBS-400 beam splitter is recommended.

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What Camera can I use with WB-I SWIR Accessory?

The WB-I SWIR accessory is adjusted to work with Ophirs C-mount InGaAs cameras, SP1203, SP1201 and XC-130.

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How do I insert correct magnification of WB-I and WB-I SWIR?

In BeamGage software, go to "Computations" tab and modify "Optical" scaling to the value indicated on label. For WB-I 8.15 and for WB-I SWIR 8.3.

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What are recommended measurement parameters for WB-I and WB-I SWIR ?

According to the light source and beam geometry, customer will choose the measurement parameters which will yield most suitable results for the application, e.g. D4σ is the best for gaussian fit at M2 = 1, 50% of Peak value (FWHM) for "Tophat".
For repeatable and reproducible results, use the UltraCal and Aperture features.
For divergence angle measurements, distance from source to imaging screen should be measured. Screen is 0.5mm inside support tube end surface.
The Divergence Angle measurements can be enabled in the Results area of the BeamGage application:
In BeamGage, go to "Computation" > Divergence >Far Field Wide Angle settings to set distance from source to WB-I screen.

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BeamGage is giving me results that are very different than expected.

Verify that the Optical Scaling (Magnification) is set to the correct value, as listed on the label of the WB-I unit

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Can it measure smaller diameters than specified 10mm?

Yes, but the accuracy will be lower than what is listed in the specification.

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What is the maximum power?

System absorbs 20% of the power, the other 80% is back diffused from the WB-I. 200W is acceptable in continuous mode; higher power depends on environmental conditions and time of use.

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Can I use different ND filters?

The WB-I is optically aligned and calibrated for use with of any combination of 2 Ophir ND1 or ND3 filters. Other filters have a different thickness and use of them will affect the measurement accuracy

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Product overview: WB-I Product overview: WB-I

The Ophir WB-I SWIR is a Wide Beam Imager accessory designated for SWIR 900-1700nm, especially popular 1550nm wavelength.
It's a compact system for measuring the size and power distribution of large and divergent beams of VCSELs, LEDs and large lasers.
Enables analyzing beams that are too large or divergent for a standard beam profiler


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