4X UV Image Reducing Converter
4X UV Image Reducing Converter

4X-Strahlreduzierer mit UV-Konverter

Bildwandler mit Strahlreduzierer für UV-Laser

Unsere UV-Bildwandler bestehen aus fluoreszierenden Scheiben, mit denen die von CCD-Kameras schlecht zu erfassende UV-Strahlung in sichtbares Licht umgewandelt wird, das wiederum auf die Kamera geleitet wird. Diese fluoreszierenden Scheiben werden speziell für die UV-Umwandlung entwickelt und verfügen über eine hohe Lichtleistung, einen großen linear dynamischen Bereich sowie eine hohe Zerstörschwelle.


  • 193 - 360nm
  • C-mount
  • 100W/cm2 or 2J/cm2 with beam splitter
  • Ø30mm
  • 4X reduction ±2% with included correction factor
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  • 4X reducing UV image converter


    Screw on imaging telescope that converts UV image to visible reduces the size 4X and images on CCD. For beam intensities from 1µJ/cm2 to 15mJ/cm2. Fits 4.5mm recess cameras only.

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Tutorials and Articles

Imaging UV light with CCD Cameras

Is it possible to image a UV laser with a Silicon Sensor CCD camera offered by Ophir-Spiricon? The answer is yes, but the direct UV light ablates Silicon CCD chips over time. The ablation is cumulative and depends on the intensity, the wavelength, and the duration of the light on the sensor. The best choice for imaging UV light without damage is to avoid directly imaging the beam on the CCD sensor by using an UV image converter... Weiterlesen...


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    45 degree wedged beam splitter to reduce intensities by ~20X. For beam intensities of up to 300mJ/cm2 at 193nm.

  • LBS-300 Attenuator
    The LBS-300s beam splitter attachment for C-mount, CS-mount, or Ophir mount cameras allow you to measure laser beams with diameters up to 15mm and powers ranging from 10mW to ~400W(1). The beam sampler is designed so that the preferential polarization selection effect of a single wedge is cancelled out and the resulting beam image is polarization
  • LBS-400 Attenuator
    The LBS-400 beam sampler attachment for Pyrocams and large format Beam Profilers allows measuring UV, NIR or IR wavelength laser beams with diameters up to 1 inch (25.4mm) and powers ranging from 10mW to ~500W(1). The output beam preserves the polarization of the original beam.