Beam profiling system for Additive Manufacturing

Beam check measures:

  • Focal spot size at the build plane
  • Laser power at the build plane
  • Laser power density at the build plane
  • Changes in spot size & power density over time

Additive manufacturing has restructured how prototype, developmental and advanced design mechanical components are made. Direct Laser Melting, Selective Laser Si



  • 1060-1080nm
  • 37µm-3.5mm
  • 0.1-600 Watts
  • to >3MW/cM²
  • 200mm- >400mm
  • RoHS, China RoHS
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  • BeamCheck


    Fully integrated and NIST calibrated system including: LBS-300 beam splitter, SP928 camera, BeamGage Standard software, software license,FL600A-LP2-65 power meter and JUNO smart sensor to USB adaptor. User must supply the PC.



  • BeamGage StandardBeamGage Standard
    BeamGage Standard is our full-function software with an extensive set of ISO quantitative measurement, our patented UtraCal™ algorithm for the highest accuracy measurements in the industry.



BeamCheck BeamCheck

Ophir-Spiricon introduces BeamCheck, the laser additive manufacturing quality assurance measuring device.

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