Camera Re-certification


Ophir-Spiricon would like to inform our beam profiling customers of a new Camera Re-Certification Program. This program has been started in response to customers asking us, "How can I be certain that my Beam Profiler is measuring accurately? Is there a NIST traceable calibration methodology?" The attached document titled, "A Discussion of Laser Beam Profiling and the Subject of Accuracy" provides a summary on getting consistent and reliable measurements when profiling using an array camera including a yearly re-certification on the performance of your camera.


To help you maintain camera performance Ophir-Spiricon recommends that customers return your camera on a regular basis (every 12 months is recommended under normal use) for this verification and recertification process. This process will correct bad pixels when possible, clean the imager, and certify that your camera is still performing to factory specifications. Or you will be advised of any changes that may be serious enough to require limiting use, repair or replacement. Call for Standard charges for this service. This will be a set fee unless repair is needed then a Customer Service Specialist will contact you with a quotation. Please call 435-753-3729 or email for an RMA and to schedule this process.


By following this guideline you can be assured of having the best most accurate system available for years to come.