BeamWatch® AM
BeamWatch® AM

BeamWatch® AM


BeamWatch AM is an integrated laser measurement system designed to measure critical laser beam parameters for laser-based additive manufacturing systems.
BeamWatch AM provides simultaneous measurements of multiple profiles along the beam caustic in the camera field-of-view (FOV). Real-time measurements are performed at video rates. They include:

  • waist (focus spot) width and location
  • focal shift
  • centroid
  • M2 or K
  • divergence
  • Beam Parameter Product
  • Rayleigh length
  • absolute power
  • ֺ Tilt angle

Real-time performance also allows for measurement of dynamic focal shift during laser startup. BeamWatch AM measurement technique is based on Rayleigh scattering of laser light by oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the air as the beam propagates through the medium. Measurement of this scattered light provides an equivalent slit-scan of the laser beam in the direction of the observed view. The scattered light is measured using a conventional camera and image capture systems. BeamWatch AM includes a camera for spatial measurements and a NIST-traceable power sensor that will provide a complete analysis of the laser power density profile
The camera is simultaneously, and real-time, viewing the beam caustic including the near/focus/and far field of the beam. This measurement technique includes Propagation and M2 measurements adhering to the ISO 11146 standards. In addition, and because all measurements are made in real-time, any focal shift occurring during the critical start up seconds is measured and reported.


  • 1060-1080nm
  • 50µm
  • 50-1000 Watts
  • 1.5MW/CM²
  • ISO 11146 Measurements
  • NIST traceable calibration ±3%
  • RoHS, China RoHS
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  • BW-NIR-2-50-AM


    Beam profiling system for Additive Manufacturing Systems

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  • BeamWatch
    BeamWatch is our full-function software with an extensive set of ISO quantitative propagation measurements, NIST calibrated power measurements, graphical representations of the beam caustic. Requires user supplied PC.


Introducing BeamWatch AM Introducing BeamWatch AM
BeamWatch AM Engineers Explain BeamWatch AM Engineers Explain BeamWatch AM Engineers Explain

Ophir has been honored with a 2018 Laser Focus World Platinum Innovators Award for BeamWatch AM®, the first non-contact laser beam monitoring system for additive manufacturing. In this video, Ophir engineers explain why the system is so revolutionary, how it works, and why it will help additive manufacturers.

BeamWatch AM is an integrated laser measurement system designed to measure critical laser beam parameters for laser-based additive manufacturing systems.


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Achieving Standardized Measurements with BeamWatch AM

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ISO compliance of non-contact, real-time beam analysis

1. IntroductionDuring the past decade laser power levels used in production applications has risen significantly. Today, welding systems are commonly using laser power in the range of multiple kilowatts. To deliver continuously high product quality, the key parameters of the laser beam must be measured on a regular basis. Ophir has tackled the task and developed a non-contact measurement technology based on the Rayleigh scattering. The technology used in the BeamWatch laser beam profilers enables the measurement of high-power beams without ever touching the laser beam. As the technology is Read more...