Ophir® MWIR Long Range Lens for Low SWaP and Small Gimbals Thermal Imaging Applications

• The LightIR 16-180mm f/3.6 is a compact, thermal imaging lens optimized for smaller size 10µm pitch VGA FPA (focal plane array) detectors.
• It features a folded optics design that significantly reduces the length of the lens and, therefore, the overall size and weight of the optical system in which it is incorporated.
• The lens is 65% smaller than existing MWIR 10µm VGA lenses. This makes it ideal for the demanding requirements of reduced size, weight, and power (SWaP) and small gimbal thermal imaging applications, including drones and tactical UAV IR cameras, micro- and mini-tactical payloads, and handheld thermal systems in the commercial, homeland security, and defense industries.

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