Meet Us at the ADEX Aerospace & Defense Expo, Seoul

Meet Us at the ADEX Aerospace & Defense Expo, Seoul

Ophir® IR Optics group, an MKS instruments company, will be exhibiting ADEX Aerospace & Defense Expo in Seoul, Korea October 19-22, 2021.

During this face-to-face, real-life event, Ophir will feature its new, game-changing, combat-ready and SWaP-optimized optics, suitable for multi-spectral and long-range applications.

Ophir brings over four decades of experience in designing and manufacturing combat-proven, high-performance IR thermal imaging optics for the defense market, designing and manufacturing high-performance IR optical elements and assemblies for advanced thermal imaging applications. 

Ophir is a proud partner and optics supplier for the most innovative, emerging defense and security companies worldwide, providing field-proven capabilities through unique designs for defense applications, including security and surveillance, naval, airborne, missiles, and weapon sights.

Live demo

Join us for a live thermal imaging demo on a 4-meter high video screen, showcasing the high performance imaging capabilities of Ophir’s cooled MWIR zoom lens. 

Products featured at ADEX expo:

  • Long range thermal imaging lenses suited for aviation and observation systems – a full range of LWIR and MWIR zoom lenses, providing outstanding performance, and an MTF close to the diffraction limit, over the entire temperature range, with outstanding detection, recognition, and Identification (DRI) ranges. 
  • New Family of cooled MWIR and MWIR f/5.5 lenses – multiple focal-length,, extended observation ranges, compatible with SXGA/HD (1280×1024) format 10μm pitch detectors, designed for security and surveillance ground applications, including long range surveillance systems and border control.
  • New family of SWaP optimized lenses – lightweight compact, ultra-high performance thermal imaging lenses for long-range UAV’s/UAS observation systems.
  • High precision optical components & large mirrors for multi-spectral long-range surveillance applications.

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