MWIR f/4 10µm HD/ SXGA LR product Family


Cutting edge technologies, meeting the needs of
next generation detectors

Modern thermal imaging systems are advancing towards larger formats, enabling a wide Field of View (FOV), with high resolution. Such systems are gaining from the market trend towards smaller, 10μm pixel size detectors, which meet the latest requirements for a wide range of security and surveillance MWIR applications.
Our new designs address the market trend toward smaller pixels, with a shift to 10μm detectors.
These new detectors meet superior SWaP standards, enabling a reduction in the size of the optical system, while also providing a longer detection range.
Based on decades of design and production experience, Ophir manufactures long-range lenses that support the latest state-of the-art MWIR detectors, producing the clearest images when paired with 10μm HD/ SXGA (1280X1024) MWIR f/4 detectors.


  • Dual, triple, or continuous zoom FOV’s
  • 15mm to 900mm focal lengths
  • Up to x27 zoom
  • Ideal for long range observation systems
  • Compatible with leading detector manufacturing
  • Available with HD, HC or LRHC coatings
  • Designed and tested to eliminate narcissus and vignetting
  • Consistent controls to simplify integration in current and future systems
  • All lenses are available with HD, HC, or LRHC coatings.

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Ophirの45-900mmf / 4レンズを使用したサーマルイメージングビデオ
Ophirの45-900mmf / 4レンズを使用したサーマルイメージングビデオ
赤外線画像で見る美しいパリ。Noxant NoxCore HDに内蔵されたOphir の15~300mm f/4 MWIR
赤外線画像で見る美しいパリ。Noxant NoxCore HDに内蔵されたOphir の15~300mm f/4 MWIR
Ophir Optics IR 望遠ズームレンズ。長距離ニーズに応えます。
Ophir Optics IR 望遠ズームレンズ。長距離ニーズに応えます。