Infrared optics for IR night vision, thermal imaging and FLIR by Ophir Optronics

Infrared Optics Applications

Ophir Optics Group - Infrared Optics - Defense

Ophir's lenses are integrated into the most sophisticated thermal imaging and radiometric products. The high quality of the optical elements and lens assemblies supplied by Ophir is essential to manufacture and deliver high quality systems. Ophir has many years of experience with defense standards and the ability to test our products to these standards. Ophir's lenses are widely used around the world for Infrared observation systems, airborne systems, UAV applications, DVE systems and Targeting Systems such as TWS and Fire Control Systems. Ophir's special development and patents for manufacturing aspheric element by Diamond Turning systems enables Ophir to manufacture more efficient lenses with fewer elements. This results in better performing and lighter weight lenses, more suitable for UAV and handheld applications. 

Ophir Optics Group - Infrared Optics - Commercial Applications

With our in-house, full optical capabilities, we are well positioned to serve the commercial FLIR and Thermography (radiometric) lens markets. We offer our customers Optical and Mechanical Design, Elements Polishing, Diamond
Turning, Coating and final Assembly for optical turnkey solutions.
Ophir's patents for manufacturing elements with two aspheric surfaces (by Diamond Turning technology) is essential in supplying low-cost, high-quality, and low-weight lenses needed for Fire Fighter’s and thermography IR handheld cameras. Our lenses are essential components for infrared camera manufacturers for their rescue systems, maintenance systems, EVS and automotive night vision systems.

Ophir Optics Group - Infrared Optics - Commercial Applications - Homeland Security

Ophir provides a wide range of Infrared optical solutions for a variety of Homeland Security Systems. For Border Patrol and Surveillance applications, Ophir offers selection an off the shelf selection of lenses including it’s widely used 60/180mm, F/1.4 Dual Field Of View (DFOV) lens, 140mm and 210mm F/1.4 lens and it’s ultra long range DFOV 114/342 mm  F/1.35/1.58 for 8-12 micron uncooled cameras. For cooled cameras, Ophir offers a variety of lenses and extenders including 25/80/320mm F/4, 3 Field Of View (3FOV) lens with optional x1.4 extender, 22-275mm F/5.5 Zoom lenses with optional X2 and X2.5 multiplier that extend the focal distances to the range of 55-687mm. For Law Enforcement, Ophir offers a variety of light weight lenses fitted for handheld applications, or UAV’s optical payload. For Site Security applications Ophir offers a wide range of manual, motorized, and athermal lenses. All Ophir’s lenses can be ordered with Hard Carbon coating for outdoor and marine applications.