Infrared optics for IR night vision, thermal imaging and FLIR by Ophir Optronics


Ophir Optics Group - Infrared Optics - QA

12% of Ophir's workforce is involved in our extensive Quality Assurance process. ISO 9001:2008 certified, Ophir has over 20 years of experience working according to military standards across all levels of performance specification. Our QC department uses an effective combination of the world's most advanced testing and measurement equipment as well as unique techniques developed at Ophir.

Ophir has developed and assembled a new holographic measurement setup for interferometric testing of aspheric and diffractive surfaces. Until now, the only ways to measure the power and irregularity of diffractive surfaces were based on scanning the surface (with or without mechanical contact) to obtain the cross-section profile of the surface.

In spite of the many advantages of interferometric testing over cross-section profile measurements, such as short measurement time and full aperture testing, interferometric testing was impossible for diffractive surfaces due to interference effects of the test wavelength with the diffractive steps present in the surface under test. Ophir's setup makes use of a unique technology which eliminates the disturbances caused by interference enabling for the first time, interferometric testing of diffractive surfaces.