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Diamond Turning

Ophir Optics Group - Infrared Optics - Diamind Turning

The diamond turning department was established in 1981 to provide in- house diamond turning capabilities. The department contains the most advanced diamond fly cutting and turning machines. These, together with the department's know-how enable Ophir to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and surface quality on a wide range of substrates including Ge, Si, ZnSe, ZnS, ZnS Multispectral , CaF2, GaAs, AMTIR, PMMA, Al and Cu.

The department is equipped with both a single axis fly cutting machine and dual axis turning machines and also boasts advanced testing equipment such as Zygo interferometers (including the GPI version), a Talysurf Profilemeter and a wide variety of unique holographic testing equipment which enable measurement of both aspheric and diffractive surfaces.

Ophir can machine reflective and refractive materials, as well as acrylics and other plastic based materials, round and truncated optical elements, perfect spherical or complex aspheric and diffractive surfaces. Paraboloids, ellipsoids and hyperboloids, with on and off axis symmetry, are all standard demands to the Ophir diamond turning team. With its decades of diamond turning experience Ophir's team of engineers is responsible for the manufacture of many highly specialized, customized elements. The unique strength of the Ophir diamond turning department stems from our exploration of new production methods. This exploration enables us to produce one-off and high volume cost-effective aspheric and diffractive elements to extremely high standards. 

The years of diamond turning experiences enable our engineers to design, but also to work together with customers optical design teams to provide alternative solutions to improve the overall performance of an optical system.

Capabilities: Diamond Turning

Diameter (max.)400mm
SAG (max.)180mm
Irregularity ( λ@0.633µ P-V)Less than 1/2 Fringe for Ø 150mm
Power± 0.05% Radius of Curvature
Roughness30 Å RMS for Ge and Al
Capabilities: Diffractive Lenses

Groove WidthLess than 20µm
Accuracy of Groove PositionLess than 20µm
Accuracy of Groove Depth± 0.05µ