Infrared optics for IR night vision, thermal imaging and FLIR by Ophir Optronics

Infrared Components

Ophir is world- designer and manufacturer of Infrared optics elements and lenses. Possessing optical, mechanical and electronic design capabilities and specializing in infrared manufacturing techniques including Polishing, Diamond Turning, Coating, and Assembling, Ophir offers high performance unique products, tailor made to the customer’s needs, at best competitive prices.

Ophir’s R&D department focuses on design and development of lens sub-assemblies, CO2 optics products and improving manufacturing techniques. The goal is to develop lens assemblies with very high optical & mechanical performance, while aiming to achieve the highest manufacturing efficiencies. In close association with our customers, we strive to provide unique solutions, perfectly tailored to their specific requirements.

Ophir Optics Group - Infrared Optics - CNC Polishing
The conventional polishing department at Ophir produces spherical elements, windows, domes, prisms and mirrors from all known materials for the IR spectrum and has additional capabilities in the visible range and uv spectrum. This department is unique in its abilities to produce a wide range of high precision elements in prototype and one-off production, as well as high precision elements in mass production.

Ophir Optics Group - Infrared Optics - Coatings

Ophir is recognized as a world leader in the development, production and application of advanced optical coatings for a broad range of substrates.

Ophir Optics Group - Infrared Optics - Diamind Turning
The diamond turning department was established in 1981 to provide in- house diamond turning capabilities. The department contains the most advanced diamond fly cutting and turning machines. These, together with the department's know-how enable Ophir to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and surface quality on a wide range of substrates including Ge, Si, ZnSe, ZnS, ZnS Multispectral , CaF2, GaAs, AMTIR, PMMA, Al and Cu.

Lens Assembly
Ophir manufactures complete lens assemblies designed in house, to satisfy stringent optical, mechanical and environmental performance specifications using a minimum number of optical elements.

Ophir SupIR™ lens sub-assemblies rely on the unique combination of precision optical components, (aspheric, diffractive and spherical lenses), superior coatings and its experienced optical and mechanical designers. This expertise is successfully translated into high performance products at the most competitive prices.

Ophir Optics Group - Infrared Optics - QA

12% of Ophir's workforce is involved in our extensive Quality Assurance process. ISO 9001:2008 certified, Ophir has over 20 years of experience working according to military standards across all levels of performance specification. Our QC department uses an effective combination of the world's most advanced testing and measurement equipment as well as unique techniques developed at Ophir.