GEN2 to GEN3 Controller Upgrade
GEN2 to GEN3 Controller Upgrade
fiber optics Introduction
Ophir is upgrading all its zoom lenses from Gen2 to a new Gen3 controller.

The Gen 3 controller has been developed to meet new demands, now & into the future. It has the same dimensions as Gen 2 & is usable with all Ophir zoom lenses.
  • Single controller for all zoom lenses, means single customer interface to all Ophir zoom lenses.
  • Single PC simulator application for all Gen3 zoom lenses, enabling calibration & testing of any Ophir lens using single program.
  • Same Form Fit Function (FFF) as Gen2, for seamless, effortless replacement.
  • Improved performance.
  • New features, including:
    • Motor current and position monitoring
    • Autofocusing
    • Larger processing unit, enabling addition of new features upon request
See the following tables for a detailed comparison:
Hardware Comparison Gen2 Gen3
Operating Voltage 12V 6-12V
Current Consumption (standby) 80mA 40mA
Power Consumption 1W 0.5W
Onboard Memory 128 kB 512 kB
Baud Rate 19200 bps 19200 or 57600 bps
Software Comparison Gen2 Gen3 Notes
Control Loop 1KHz 5KHz Improved system response
Temperature Compensation Symmetrical Asymmetrical Improved temperature tracking
Protocols U1,U2 U1,U2, more Memory space available for more protocol options
Lens Parameters Hardcoded Configurable Better bug correction and customer support
Data Acquisition Utilities None Current, speed and location Better debugging capabilities on-site
Auto Focusing Calibration Calibration / Operational Can recalibrate lens on-site. Operational AF for close objects
PC Application (Simulator) Gen2 Gen3
Compatibility Simulator for each lens One simulator for all lenses
Firmware Upgrade Hyper terminal Wizard in simulator
Customer Calibration Manual Wizard
Baud Rate Change - Wizard
Advanced Logging Only for protocol Also 'scope' for logging motor data
Lenses with Gen3 Controller
The following lenses already have a version that is compatible with the Gen3 controller:
  • Zoom lenses for MWIR
    • 15-300mm f/4 (P/N 680084 | 680204)
    • 21-420mm f/4 (P/N 680160)
    • 35-690mm f/4 (P/N 680294 | 680295)
    • 15-300mm f/5.5 (P/N 680313)
    • 19-200mm f/4 (P/N 680209)
    • 20-275mm f/5.5 (P/N 680314) - NEW
  • Zoom lenses for LWIR
    • 15-60mm f/1.4 (P/N 680164)
    • 15-100mm f/1.4 (P/N 680090)
    • 25-150mm f/1.4 (P/N 680119)
    • 40-300mm f/1.5 (P/N 680264)
    • 26-105mm f/1.6 (P/N 680320)