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Lenses for uncooled cameras 8-12 microns

Ophir Optics Group - Infrared Optics - Lenses for uncooled cameras

With the largest offering of lenses for uncooled infrared camera, Ophir Optics offers customers the best solutions for defense, commercial, and homeland security applications. Through experience working with the majority of FPA manufacturers and infrared systems integrators worldwide, Ophir Optics offers off-the-shelf and custom designed and manufactured lenses to suit customer needs. Ophir Optics lenses for LWIR FPA’s are available in focal lengths ranging from 4.0mm to 342mm including zoom lenses, multiple field of view, fixed focal length lenses, manual focus lenses, and motorized focus lenses. A wide range of f/#’s is offered to optimize lens size, weight and performance. Comprehensive in-house design and manufacturing capabilities enable Ophir Optics to customize existing off-the-shelf lenses or design a custom lens to meet customers’ exact needs.


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