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Ophir Optics Group - Infrared Optics - Customized Lenses

Ophir manufactures complete lens assemblies designed to satisfy stringent optical, mechanical and environmental performance specifications. Ophir optical design team possesses wide knowledge in designing lenses for MWIR and LWIR cameras and lenses for Thermograph applications. Ophir Optronics mechanical engineering team is a world leader in designing the lens mechanics, specializing in manual and motorized focus mechanism, passively athermal lens design, and supporting low weight, rugged, or high pressure sealing requirements. Ophir Dual and Triple FOV, and Zoom lenses are also equipped with in house designed electronic controller to maintain FOV and focus positions.
Ophir lens rely on the unique combination of state-of-the-art optical components manufacturing, with aspheric and spherical lenses together with the world’s most advanced diffractive elements, superior coatings and world class optical design ability. Ophir translates its expertise in all of these areas into high performance unique products tailor made to your need at best competitive prices.

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Optical Properties
Number of FOV's   3-FOV  Zoom 
EFL, or Horizontal FOV
FPA type and spectral range
Cold shield diameter and height
for Cooled detectors
FPA (# of pixels, pitch)
Window (material, thickness)
Nominal Object Distance Infinity

Mechanical Properties
Focus Mechanism
For Motorized: V, Imax, ICD
(connectors, polarity.)
Min. Focus Range [m]

Environmental Requirements
Operating Temperature [oC]
Storage Temperature [oC]
Vibration     MIL 810F.
Shock     MIL 810F.
External coating    

Additional Requirements