Affordable 26-105mm f/ 1.6 LWIR
Meet the affordable
26-105mm f/ 1.6 LWIR Continuous Zoom Lens

Where affordability meets design
fiber optics Key benefits
  • Zoom ratio X4
  • Maximum performance at minimal price
  • Suitable for all commercial applications: Air, sea, and land
  • Optimized for 17 μm
  • Easy integration
  • Available with high durability and DLC coating
Ophir's plethora of IR optics includes a wide range of top quality Long Range Zoom Lenses for every application. Even for those with a limited budget, Ophir has a solution. Now, Ophir's budget range is being extended to include a 26-105mm continuous zoom lens that doesn't compromise on performance.

With decades of expertise in research and design, Ophir has produced this new, affordable lens, equipped with world renowned zoom technology. The 26-105mm zoom lens is ideal for security, surveillance, homeland, border control, and marine applications.

This lens is optimized for 640x480 17μm (VGA) uncooled cameras, and works well with other formats too. With the new generation controller, GEN3, you can use the integrated micro switch to choose between RS-232 and RS-485/422 with ease. The 26-105mm has interface options for compatibility with cameras made by most manufacturers.

Take a look at its state-of-the-art, opto - mechanical design, for easy integration and operation, and you'll never guess that this lens is part of a budget range. With its compact size, it rivals any commercially available parallel product, providing unsurpassable performance and outstanding value. The compact chassis also eliminates development costs for peripheral equipment.

SupIR 26-105mm f/1.6, Motorized Continuous Zoom 680320
HFOV[deg] 160x120 320x240 384x288 640x480 1024x768
25μ 9.2 18.5 22.3 38.0  
17μ 6.2 12.5 15.0 25.3  
12μ 4.34 8.8 10.3 17.7 28.7
HFOV[deg] 160x120 320x240 384x288 640x480 1024x768
25μ 2.2 4.4 5.2 8.7  
17μ 1.5 3.0 3.6 5.9  
12μ 1.0 2.1 2.5 4.2 6.7
Property Value
Optical WFOV NFOV Remarks
Focal Length 105mm 26mm Continuous zoom
F/# 1.6 1.6
Spectral Range 7.5-13.5μ
Average Transmission (8-12μm) HD ≥ 89.41% ; HC ≥ 82.81%
BWD 37.735 mm (in Air)
Distortion < 5% < 0.3%
Minimum Focusing Range 4m 10m
NUC (optional) Optical NUC (by Defocus)
Max. Dimensions Length: 122.5mm; Front OD: 82mm
Focus Mechanism Motorized. Adjustable
Focus Time (minimum range to ∞) ≤ 5 sec at maximum speed (TBR)
Zoom Mechanism Motorized. Adjustable
Zoom Time (NFOV to WFOV) ≤ 8 sec Across operating temperature range ( TBR)
Through-zoom boresight Within a radius of 0.25mm at the focal plane along the full zoom range
Weight <600gr
Lens Control Designated lens controller
Drive Voltage 6-12VDC
Current Consumption < 0.8A average, 1.5A peak
Communication Protocol RS 485/422 or RS232 (selectable by onboard micro switch)
Operation Temperature -32ºC to +70ºC
Storage Temperature -40ºC to +80ºC
Sealing IP67 front lens only
680320-001 HD Front Surface Coating
680320-002 HCLR Front Surface Coating
*Adapters for different cameras are available upon request