ModeCheck® - A New Method to Assure the Performance of High Power CO2 Lasers

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  • Quality Cutting, Marking, Drilling & Ablating Require More Than Consistent Laser Power
  • Instantaneously "see" and measure the beam - reduce set-up time between jobs
  • Real-time "mode burns" - eliminate hazardous acrylic vapors
  • Optimize laser efficiency - reduce cost per part
  • Predict laser preventative maintenance - increase manufacturing efficiency
  • Up to 5kW CO2

ModeCheck is designed for the industrial parts manufacturer to reduce the time it takes to change over between different jobs. The user can quickly place the ModeCheck in front of the laser and see and measure, in real-time, the laser beam profile to confirm optimal laser performance. In addition, and when used periodically, the user can compare measurement changes from the same set-up and make necessary laser adjustments, keeping the laser output constant for the same job from day-to-day. Over time the user will be able to see and measure laser degradation to predict and advance schedule down-time needed for periodic maintenance.

ModeCheck eliminates operator exposure to acrylic mode burn hazards while improving product quality and manufacturing efficiency.

In addition to both 2D and 3D graphical image display and save, the
following measurements are made from each image:
Beam Widths and Diameters
Beam Position Stability
Peak Power Density
Beam Centroid Location
Elliptical Analysis with Major Axis Orientation

It's just this easy.

  • Remove Focusing optic.
  • Locate the beam center with pointing beam or similar device.
  • Place ModeCheck in beam center.
  • Turn on Laser.
  • Instantly see, measure and electronically store the beam characteristics.