Comet Laser Power Probes

Ophir now offers the Comet laser power probe series that is simple to use, economical but also highly accurate. It operates by measuring the heat rise from a 10 second exposure to a laser beam and thereby calculates the laser power. It has a sophisticated algorithm to take into account the heat loss due to the Comet temperature and thus can give accurate  readings even if the Comet is hot before the measurement. This allows you to take several measurements before cooling the probe with water. Along with the Comet 10K for industrial lasers which measures mainly from 1KW to 10KW, there is the smaller Comet 1K for measuring from ~50W up to 1KW.
Recommended Use: Comet 10K/10K-HD - Industrial Lasers, Comet 1K - quick power check of low-med power lasers
Special Features: Accurate, simple to use and inexpensive

Comet  Comet Laser Power Probes

Comet Laser Power Probe