CO2 laser Optics, CO2 replacement optics for industrial high power lasers by Ophir Optronics

Silicon Mirrors

Ophir Optronics’ CO2 Optics Group Announces Silicon Mirrors for High Power CO2 Laser Systems
Company’s coated mirrors composed of high-grade silicon for optimized beam delivery and cavity optics.
Ophir silicon mirrors provide excellent reflection of 10.6 um CO2 beams for increased power and durability. Additionally, HeNe beams can be used for quicker adjustment and more precise alignment. Ophir mirrors are OEM-approved and available in a range of durable and easy-to-clean coatings. These include PLM, MMR, MMR-A, MMR-P and MMR-H for better polarization control and enhanced reflectivity for internal mirrors, as well as 0PS and 90PS for beam delivery optics. Finally, the mirrors have a phase shift tolerance of ±2, for superior cutting and cleaning capabilities.

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