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Ophir Optronics Introduces Lenselector™ Online Service

Ophir’s CO2 Laser Optics unit presents another industry first – an easy-to-use lens selection application available to everyone, anytime, anywhere

Jerusalem, Israel, 15 June 2013 – Ophir Optronics Solutions Ltd. (Ophir), a global leader in precision infrared optics, photonics instrumentation and 3D non-contact measurement equipment, announced today that its CO2 Laser Optics unit has developed Lenselector, an innovative lens selection application available to all online users.

If you are a laser operator, now all you need is an Internet connection (fixed, wireless or mobile) to choose from among Ophir’s entire line of quality focusing lenses, beam-delivery optics and cavity optics in a simple, three-step process. Once completed, a data table appears with relevant information on PN, Lens Type, Diameter, ET, FL, Coatings and Mounts, each when applicable. For your convenience, an automated form is also displayed should you like to receive a quotation.  

“At Ophir, we are committed to innovation, delivery and quality – and Lenselector encompasses all three,” said Yehiel Plaut, Sales and Marketing Director for Ophir’s CO2 Laser Optics unit. “It’s an innovative app that delivers all the information on the quality lens you need, when you need it.” 


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