Coating Tables for cavity optics

 0ֲ° Phase Shift Mirror

Ophir’s High Reflection coating represents a superior solution for beam delivery and cavity optics used in high-power CO2 laser systems.    

The use of coatings like HR is a cost-effective way to maximize reflection, improve performance, protect highly-sensitive mirror surfaces and prolong product life for superior cutting.    


Ophir’s OEM-approved HR coating delivers higher reflection than standard coatings at CO2 laser 10.6μ wavelength :    

HR Cavity optics:

Ophir’s combined PLM-HR and MMR-P coatings represent a superior solution for cavity optics

PLM-HR Mirror Coating provides optimized S-Pol reflection (>99.90% for S-Pol), with low enough P-Pol reflection (<93% P-Pol) to enable effective phase locking while still reflecting Maximum reflection at the desired S Polarization

It is internal cavity radiation resistant, suitable for both Cu and Si mirrors and can be used in a variety of different resonator type.

MMR-p coating is a cost-effective way to maximize reflection (>99.90% for S-Pol), improve performance, protect highly-sensitive mirror surfaces and prolong product life.

OEM-approved MMR-P coating provides the highest total random reflection available with superior P reflection (>99.80%) and total random reflection (>99.85%) and is suitable for both Cu and Si mirrors.

This coating is internal cavity radiation resistant and allows for a phase shift tolerance of ±2@45° and >70% reflection for 630-670nm, for superior cutting and cleaning capabilities.

MMRp coating is used as a supiorior quality replacement for ZERO Phase Shift, Total reflection mirrors within the cavity as its cost is only slightly higher than standard ZPS / ZPS HR coatings

Mechanical Specifications - Cavity Mirrors Silicon Mirrors and Copper Mirrors

Material  Silicon (Si),Copper (Cu)
Surface Quality 10-5 scratch and dig
Thickness Tolerance ±0.1mm
Diameter Tolerance +0 / -0.12mm
Mechanical Wedge <3' (arc minutes)
Power 2 Fringes 2 Fringes @ 0.633μm
Irregularity 1 Fringes 1 Fringe @ 0.633μm
S1 / S2 Radius Plano / Plano


Total Reflector and PLM Mirrors Coating Table

Type %@45º@10.6 %S-Pol@45º@10.6 %P-Pol@45º@10.6 %R@45º@0.6328 Phase Shift Tolerance
MMR 99.80% 99.90% 99.75% 40% 0º ±2º
MMR-A 99.80% 99.85% 99.6% 40% 0º ±2º
MMR-H-DEMMR 99.70% 99.80% 99.60% 630-670nm≥80% -
MMR-P 99.85% 99.90% 99.8% 630-670nm≥80% 0º ±2º
PLM N/A 99.5% <90% N/A N/A
PLM-W N/A 99.8% <90% N/A N/A
PLM-HR N/A >99.9% <93% 630-670nm≥65% N/A

*Ophir Optics meets ROSH directive according to China ROHS regulation and ROHS2 directive 2011/65/EU


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