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fiber optics
Extended Life. Improved Absorption. Radioactive-Free Coating.
fiber optics

Characteristics and Benefits

  • Longer operational life expectancy
  • Improved focus accuracy and stability
  • Impressive absorption rate of <0.16%
  • Radioactive-free coating*
  • Suitable for high powered CO2 lasers
  • Transparent for red laser pointer - Helium-Neon (HeNe) lasers
  • Focusing lens made of high quality ZnSe substrate
  • Superior cost/benefit ratio

*Thorium free
The   is a new and improved low absorption ZnSe lens for high-power CO2 lasers. A high performance ZnSe coating gives the   a longer life expectancy, as well as reduced thermal lensing, resulting in improved focus accuracy and stability. With an impressive absorption percentage of <0.16%, compared to <0.2% for the original Duralens™, this lens allows for maximum transmittance and minimum distortion. Environmental regulations, in relation to the management of radioactive waste, create another challenge for the creation of high performance lens coatings. The   overcomes this challenge, due to the absence of radioactive Thorium in its coating. These features, together with a superior cost/benefit ratio, make the   an ideal solution for job shops worldwide.