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Laser Power Measuring Simplified with Wireless technology

For many laser users, the extra cables in the work space from laser power meters is not a big deal. But in many instances it can be anywhere from a nuisance to detrimental to the work process.

The Quasar is a great solution for these cases. It is a small wireless power meter which attaches to any Ophir power/energy sensor and the information is transported via Bluetooth to a PC with installed Quasar software. The Quasar is attached to a sensor using a cable which allows it to be used on more than one sensor. The rechargeable battery supplied with the Quasar powers itself and the sensor.

To hear firsthand how the Quasar has helped a medical implant manufacturer increase its on the job efficiency click here.
There are a few very specific situations where a wireless solution is important. See product facts here.

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