Scope Adapter for Measuring Laser Pulse Energy

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Pyroelectric sensors are used to measure laser energy.  Depending on the sensor, they can measure up to a rate of 25 kHz.  However, not all meters can handle such a high rep rate.

(In fact, only the Pulsar PC interface goes up to 25 kHz.  Juno can get up to 10 kHz.  Some of the handheld meters can handle only tens of Hertz.)

So is that it?  If you have a high rep rate laser, you need Pulsar or Juno interface?  What if you prefer a handheld meter or don’t have access to a PC?

In that case, you might want to take advantage of the scope adapter for pyroelectric sensors and see the pulse energy on your scope.  (The energy is accurate, but the pulse shape is arbitrary – based on the electronics.)

For more on how to set up the meter in “scope mode” read this article:

Oscilloscope Adapter for Ophir Pyroelectric Sensors


Flickr creative commons image via jonsowman

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