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How Recalibration Ensures Accurate Laser Power Measurement

If you use a laser in your company for any significant purpose, you probably already know about the importance of regularly measuring its output.
Lasers are complex machines with many parts that can degrade over time. Periodic re-calibration will help ensure it operates at its full potential.

This is why we recommend yearly calibration

When you buy an Ophir power meter, I’m guessing it’s not because you just love playing with them. You might not even look forward to measuring your laser. It’s probably a chore you’d rather not have to do. When you pay for a power meter, you’re really paying for accuracy. You want your laser to perform accurately, and that’s worth something to you.

But wait! Laser power meters are also machines made of parts that degrade over time. That means that as accurate as your meter was when you first got it, after a while it might not measure within the accuracy specified in specifications.

Luckily, you don’t need to scrap it and get a new one whenever that happens. Typically, sensors need to be recalibrated about once a year. (Check your power meter for the exact suggested recalibration date.)

When you send in your meter or sensor, we do a quick tune up to make sure everything is working as it should. Most importantly, we measure it against our master sensors (NIST traceable) to make sure you’re really measuring your laser with the highest degree of accuracy possible.

For more information on how the calibration process works, read this blog post.



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