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Q&A about Ophir’s new BeamTrack sensors

Wondering about Ophir’s new BeamTrack sensors? Here are a few FAQ’s and answers about the beam track sensor and its capabilities:

Q: Can I measure the position and size of a pulsed laser using a BeamTrack sensor?

A: Position and Size are measured along with power. Therefore, if the laser is pulsing at a rate at which average power can be measured, then position and size can be measured as well.

Q: Are BeamTrack sensors backwards compatible with the Nova-II / Vega / and Juno devices already in my possession?

A: The hardware of all of these devices supports the BeamTrack sensors. However the firmware may need to be upgraded. Click here for a free download of the latest firmware from our website.

Q: For what type of laser spots can we measure position and size with BeamTrack sensors?

A: Position can be measured for any reasonable beam shape. Size can be measured to specified accuracy only for Gaussian (TEM00) beams. For other laser modes, size measurement is relative only.

With over thirty years of experience, Ophir engineers have become the experts in the field of laser power and energy measurement and are happy to provide a source of knowledge to anyone interested in laser measurement solutions. Feel free to visit our “Ask an expert”, and ask Ophir experts about measuring the lasers in your application.

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