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Overcoming Barriers to Industrial Laser Performance Measurement

Technological advancements in laser sources and the systems in which they are integrated have provided the industrial laser user with higher quality and more consistent laser processes.

Laser OEMs and systems integrators continue to make improvements in their products and services thanks to partnerships with system component manufacturers, laser applications development houses, and end users.

Yet in many cases, ensuring the system continues to perform as designed once installed doesn’t seem to be a high priority for the end user.

Is protection of this large investment not a priority?

Only through periodic measurements of the laser system as a whole can these changes be managed. Which brings us back to the question: why aren’t these measurements important to the end user? The answer involves a variety of barriers to advancement. Some have been overcome, but some have yet to be fully addressed.
Read more: https://www.ophiropt.com/laser–measurement/knowledge-center/article/8850



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