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Ophir’s 2019 Catalog Is Here!

If you have a laser, you need to measure it.

As in every year – Ophir’s 2019 new catalog covers a wide range of laser power and energy sensors, meters and laser beam profiling systems for medical, industrial, defense, and research applications.

The first section of the catalog is devoted to laser power meters, which consist of sensors (detectors) and meters (displays). Ophir online tools will help you choose your sensor or your meter based on your laser parameters and on your own preferences. Using Ophir’s solutions, you can measure wavelengths from 150 nm (deep UV) to 1 mm (THz), and powers from 300 fW to 120 kW. Almost all Ophir sensors work with all our meters.

The second section is devoted to Laser beam profiling an umbrella term that includes measurements of the beam size, spatial distribution (profile), and beam quality (M2), among other things.

So…What’s New?

Lots of things have changed, but I’ll let you in on a few of the new products and applications found only in the 2019 catalog:

Power Meter section:

Ophir’s Integrating Spheres for Measuring Divergent Light – You’ll be able to see some integrating spheres for larger beams and a wider UV and IR spectrum, as well as smaller integrating spheres (IS-1 is a 1-inch sphere while the IS6 spheres are larger, at 6 inches). You’ll also see a range of accessories, such as a unique port plug cover which is black to simulate an open port.

Pulse Characterization Sensors provide the ability to see and measure the temporal characteristics of pulsed and CW laser beams. Ophir Fast Photodiode Detectors are designed to convert optical signals into electrical signals which are then measured with third-party instrumentation such as oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers. Different models cover a combined spectral range of 193 nm to 1700 nm with rise times from 25 picoseconds to 3 nanoseconds. The fast rise times are achieved by an internal reverse bias voltage circuit. Accessories are available to connect to IS6 integrating spheres or fiber optic cables.

Additionally, check out our OEM section to see all the new custom sensor functionality available including various interface options .

Beam Profiling section:

BeamWatch® Integrated BeamWatch Integrated is a fully automated laser measurement system designed to integrate the measurement of critical laser beam parameters in industrial production lines. Based on BeamWatch’s patented, non-contact profiling principle, BeamWatch Integrated offers contactless and simultaneous measurement of all critical laser beam parameters in real time, while its built-in power meter delivers absolute power readings.

BeamSquared® is an M2 laser beam propagation system designed to help users optimize laser performance. As a robust, portable device, BeamSquared automatically measures the propagation characteristics of CW and pulsed lasers quickly, in less than one minute.

Of course, you can find many other beam profilers which can measure focal spot size, position of fiber lasers etc.

Download Ophir’s New 2019 Catalog



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