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Meet Centauri – Ophir’s New High End Portable Laser Power/Energy Meter

When talking about power/energy meters there are certain parameters that almost never change.
Generally, smaller meters have smaller screens and larger screens are only found in bigger and bulkier equipment.

Well, prepare to be amazed!

The Centauri changes all that with its sleek, modern design. It combines a large 7” touch screen with a small form factor. which makes it easy to read measurements and to relocate the meter between various work stations. Add to that the meter’s sophisticated graphical displays and advanced processing and you have all the functionality of a high-end, benchtop instrument in a compact, portable meter.

The Centauri’s graphical functions include Numeric readout with Bargraph, Analog Needle, Line Plot, Pulse Chart, Pass / Fail, Position, Stability, and Real Time Statistics displays. The dual channel option supports split and merged graphical displays. Sophisticated power and energy logging allows logging of every point at up to 10kHz. The Centauri’s math functions can be mixed together and the results displayed graphically and logged.

Outputs include USB Flash Drive output for nearly unlimited data storage. A TTL output can be used in conjunction with Pass/Fail limits to inform an outside controller (interlock) when the laser power is out of acceptable limits.

What else?

if that wasn’t enough here are some more Prominent features you should know about:

Pleasant user experience – Centauri features a large, full-color, seven-inch touch-screen for visual review of data using a wide range of graphical display formats.

Dual Channel capability – Centauri is available in single and dual-channel versions.

A number of Measurement Modes per Sensor Type  Centauri is compatible with all standard Ophir thermal, photodiode, and pyroelectric sensors

Advanced Math Functions for advanced processing – such as Density, Scale Factor, Normalize against base line, etc. Functions can be mixed together and the results displayed graphically. Function results can also be logged

Extensive Logging – USB Flash Drive for nearly unlimited data storage logging and transferring it later to the PC.
Sophisticated power and energy logging, including logging every pulse at up to 10000Hz with Pyro sensors

Many I/O Signals – Scalable Analog Output – Analog Output per channel,  TTL Output – Digital Output per channel, External Trigger Input – For synchronizing the measurement process with an outside controller.

For more information and specifications read our full brochure here



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