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Measuring Extremely High Power Lasers (up to 120 kW)

Jim is the manager of a factory in the aerospace industry.

He is very excited about his recent purchase of a very high power laser – over 100 kW! This will enable him to use the beam for the directed energy project he is working on.

But how will he be able to measure the beam?

He talked to a consultant. Jim had never heard of a laser power meter that could handle more than 30 kW or so.

“Do I need some kind of beam splitter or serious attenuation? How could a sensor handle over 100 kW of laser power?”

Measuring Extremely High Power Lasers

The consultant shared a recent article about Ophir’s 120K-W laser sensor.
It spreads out the beam into a very wide, water cooled surface area, allowing it to absorb over 99% of the beam and measure its power with high accuracy .

To learn more about how the 120K-W works, find out about its military high energy applications, and get detailed specifications, click here



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