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Measure LED Luminaires without the Fuss:
Introducing FluxGage for Flux, Color, & Flicker

You have a problem.

Your biggest customer just returned a large number of LED fixtures, complaining that they didn’t produce the right flux and their colors varied wildly.

You’d like to just blame it on a fussy customer, but you know deep down they’re right.  You wish you could take each and every LED luminaire to a lab to be tested with an integrating sphere – but honestly, it’s a big headache, not to mention the time and money involved…

So what can you do?

Just eat the costs of the growing number of returns?  What if your customer gets fed up one day and goes to a competitor?

Another Way

What if you could measure flux, color, and flicker of the LEDs without having to install an integrating sphere?

What if you could get all the tests you need done in just 2 seconds per LED?

And what if you could do all this with something smaller and less expensive than an integrating sphere?


You can.

Ophir has just introduced its revolutionary LED luminaire test & measurement system, FluxGage, at the LED professional symposium (LpS).

FluxGage measures the flux, color, and flicker of LED luminaires and fixtures.  It was made with the factory floor in mind.  That means you’ll get:

  • A robust system
  • Small and portable (3x smaller than a sphere with similar LED-under-test dimensions)
  • Less expensive than an integrating sphere that can measure comparable LEDs
  • 2-second measurement
  • No need to calibrate before each measurement

So how did we pull this off?

Dr. Efi Rotem led this project in close discussion with LED luminaire manufacturers to make sure he’s addressed their needs.

He heard the issues they’ve had with integrating spheres (cost, time).

He then took a totally different strategy for measuring LED fixtures: FluxGage uses solar panels to absorb all the light, instead of a typical integrating sphere which needs to reflect as much as possible.  (The solar panels at measure flux, while there’s also a spectrometer and photodiode integrated for color and flicker measurements.)

Find out more detail about the technology behind FluxGage.

Want more info?

Contact us and your local representative will be happy to discuss in more detail.



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