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Measure Average Power of VCSELs with Centauri

VCSELs and other low frequency, pulsed lasers present a challenge to measuring average power.

It is not trivial to monitor them with a standard photodiode, due to potential issues with beat frequency, saturation, and low resolution.

To address this, Ophir recently added a feature called “Low Freq. Power Mode” to its line of power meters which makes it easy to measure such sources. To learn more about how this feature works, read “An Easier Way to Measure VCSEL Power.”

Ophir’s way to Measure VCSEL Power

With the latest update to Centauri, Ophir’s next generation, fully-featured power meter, the “Low Freq. Power Mode” works on Centauri as well.

This is just one more step in our effort to create one power meter to rule them all: a powerful display with just about all the features found on our PC software, all wrapped up in a relatively small and portable meter.

For more information and other Centauri features click here.



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