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Laser measurement software from Ophir® can now measure laser power from anywhere! – Part 1

We’ve recently talked about 5 great benefits to using Wi-Fi while measuring your laser. It included reasons that had to do with industrial automation environments, avoiding cables and remote laser monitoring.

Now Ophir Sensors can also be monitored remotely over an Ethernet network – the same type of network connection you probably have in your office, allowing connections from distances far in excess of those supported by RS232 or USB.

To make a long story short – Ethernet connectivity means you measure your laser from afar literally anywhere that you have Ethernet or Internet.

Ophir’s EA-1 Ethernet adapter (which you’ve probably already heard of) is also designed for OEM customers who can take advantage of Ethernet connectivity and might want to monitor and control the laser sensor from afar. The EA-1 adapter can be used with virtually any Ophir laser sensor.

And you know what the great news is?

The EA-1 (Ophir’s Ethernet adopter) is now supported by StarLab 3.30 Ophir’s easy-to-use laser measurement software!

StarLab 3.30 provides graphic display of data in the form of line plots, histograms, bar charts, and simulated analog needles; data can be displayed separately or in multiple data sets on one graph. Advanced measurement processing functions include power / energy density, multichannel comparisons, and user-defined mathematical equations.

So, to sum it all up – with the EA-1 Adapter you can now use the StarLab 3.30 PC software to remotely connect in real-time to one of Ophir’s smart laser sensors, be it at various points within the network of your company, or be it halfway around the world via the internet!




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